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 Arrival of the new Chancellor of Venice

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PostSubject: Arrival of the new Chancellor of Venice   18th August 2013, 4:41 pm

New Chancellor from the Republic of Venice came after a short voyage by ship...

He was there long time ago and he was happy to be in that kingdom again...

So he gave his documents to the guards and waited to be introduced

Quote :
Noi, Serenissimo Portavoce Ninfa Francesca Nefe Dell'Ovo Borgia Van Axel,Baronessa di Lonigo e Signora di Mazzorbo in rappresentanza della Serenissima Principessa Ninfea Dell'Ovo Borgia,Baronessa di Burano e del Serenissimo Consiglio


Nominiamo con modalita' esposte nello Statuto dei Rappresentanti Diplomatici della Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia , e quindi dopo votazione consigliare, Messer Jacopo Foscari detto Carcarodon, Gran Ciambellano della Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia.

Venezia, 11 agosto 1461 A.D.

Il Serenissimo Portavoce

Quote :
We, Serene Spokesman Ninfa Francesca Nefe Dell'Ovo Borgia Van Axel, Baroness of Lonigo and lady of Mazzorbo in representation of the Serene Princess Ninfea Dell'Ovo Borgia, Baroness of Burano and the Serene Council

We appoint as Chancelor

By formality exposed in the Statute of the Diplomatic Representatives of the Serene Republic in Venice, and therefore after vote of the Council, Sir Jacopo Foscari Carcarodon , Gran Chamberlain of the Serene Republic in Venice.

Venezia, August the 11 of 1461 A.D.

The Serene Spokesman

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PostSubject: Re: Arrival of the new Chancellor of Venice   19th August 2013, 11:51 am

Greetings Excellency,

Welcome to the Croatian Embassy. Please if you will follow me to your quarters.
There we can further discuss about various topics.
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Arrival of the new Chancellor of Venice
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